Our community of homes, on 3 to 5 acre lots, plus green space backing up to preserved forest lands, is located in the rolling hills above and below Paradise Bay Road, overlooking the Hood Canal Bridge.  As our neighborhood matures, property owners work together to keep our private roads safe for travel.  The Bywater Way Road Maintenance Association (BWRMA) was established to maintain safe ingress and egress throughout our neighborhood.

BWRMA is not a typical Home Owners Association (HOA) dealing with a myriad of neighborhood issues and concerns. 

The Bywater Way Road Maintenance Association (BWRMA) has an annually elected 7 person Board consisting of:  President, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer, Secretary and 3 Members at Large.  The recurring issues of the maintenance of our road surfaces (both gravel and paved), visual obstruction from nearby vegetation, signage, traffic speed, storm debris, etc. are all  important neighborhood concerns needing to be addressed on a regular basis.  Property owners with specific road issues or concerns, should address them in writing to the Board at:

P.O. Box 65093
Port Ludlow, WA  98365                   or          via email:

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